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About Our Bookish Blog
So this is a collection of posts from many different nerds (We are nerds, deal with it)  about everything bookish. As you can see, we all have our (very) different writing styles. There are seven and counting different writers. We decided to create this because everyone should know about this wonderful, magical world of books. This blog will have mainly book reviews, our personal booklists, some listicles, and we might start weekly guest authors. We have our own form of rating, called bookish badges, and they work exactly like stars. Below is some of the authors About Me posts. Contact us at @our_bookish_life on Instagram, @our_bookishblog on Twitter, and email us at contactourbookishblog@gmail.com . If you email us, put the name of the author you want to reach in the subject.  Enjoy Our Bookish Blog!


Hey everyone! I finally got around to doing an about me page. I’m @the_demigod_who_lived on Instagram. Welcome to my bookblog! I’m a girl and for obvious reasons I can’t reveal my age. I’ll give you a hint though, I’m still in school. My favorite book genre is Fantasy, (all the magic, who can resist?) I’m a fangirl (ha now you all know my gender) I swim (the only exercise I do) I'm a first clarinet in the school band, and a novice violin player. (whew that was a long sentence). I’m a proud Gryffindor Potterhead, and a daughter of Apollo. I write book reviews for my school newspaper, and most of these book reviews will be from that. I also write horrid fanfiction part time (note HORRID). I hate fake fans, and my friends are really weird, but they are amazing! Some of them will author on this blog. I say OhMyGods instead of OhMyGod and dam instead of damn. I started this just because I spend way too much time reading (I once read 34 hours in two weeks, and that's with school!) and not enough time doing school stuff but I would rather read (who wouldn't). I have just way way way too many OTPs. Also, I dislike nonfiction. There's no plot, a whole bunch of facts, and not enough magic, mystique, fantasy, adventure, and/or mystery. Anyway that's just my opinion. I can tell you for sure that my reviews will be all fiction. Some authors on here might write nonfiction book reviews but that's them. Please don't hate if you don't like our choices. Oh gods I just realized I didn’t put my name. I guess I should tell you that XD. Well, my name is Hanna as you can probably see. I hope you enjoy this blog!


P.S. I am the original owner of this blog, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't check out the other authors posts!

Chloe K.

          Hi everyone!

          My name is Chloe K., and I am a Fangirl, and I run a fandom account on Instagram @halfblood_witch and a book quotes account, @inspirational.book.quotes ! I am crazy, weird, and I have amazing friends who might also post on this blog sometimes. Right now, I'm in the middle of writing a fanfiction! My user is daughter-of-Athena-in-hogwarts so go check it out!! Obviously, I'm a daughter of Athena, and can you guess what my house is? That's right\wrong\whatever RAVENCLAW!!! Which is obviously the best house for obvious reasons. My hobbies are, Reading, Drawing, Writing , Reading, Playing Clarinet, Working on the School Newspaper, Fangirling, Swimming, Shipping, Oh and did I mention Reading? Also, I use oh my gods instead of oh my god, dam instead of damn, and Hel instead of hell (READ PERCY JACKSON/MAGNUS CHASE)!!! Oh and just a heads up; if you know me at school, I also write on the school newspaper (as you saw above) and you might notice that some (most) of these posts are also on the newspaper, so have fun! My main fandoms are Harry Potter, and the Percy Jackson Fandom!! Hope you enjoy reading my posts!! Well Hanna wants me to post my favorite books, but well there are so many, I will probably end up filling this whole page, and more, and more, so I'll spare you. Anyway, I guess I could tell you what books to not read, NONFICTION. Its boring, there is literally no excitement whatsoever, and you can read it in what ever order you want! What is the point of a book if there is no beginning, middle, and end!? Well if you like to read nonfiction, I won't stop you. Have fun reading!


Hello readers!

I've realized that you know absolutely nothing about me (aside from my name). If you are to trust my opinions, perhaps you should know more about me first. Beginning with basics, as you will hear me say often, I am a boy. I am a devoted Whovian first and foremost, with my love for the Harry Potter series and Star Wars movies coming in a close second-y, third-ish position. My favorite genre of book is fantasy, and if it has some politicking thrown in, all the better! I don't read a lot of nonfiction -- scratch that, I don't really read nonfiction. I have read one nonfiction book since September. It was called The Number Mysteries. Wonderful book, very interesting. I happened to be reading The Da Vinci Code at the same time, so there were some intriguing tie-ins there. Darn it, I'm on a tangent again. Back to me. I enjoy swimming, writing short stories, school, more school, homework, school-related activities, math, math competitions, writing run-on sentences for fun to see if people notice, and many other things. Such as reading. Is there anything I didn't mention here that you'd like to know? Let me know in the comments, as long as it isn't too personal. I can't go giving away my identity to strangers online, now, can I? That would be irresponsible.

I hope you enjoy reading mine and my friends' posts!

Don't eat pears. They're squishy and dribble down your chin. Or so a Time Lord says.



Hi people of the internet. I guess, if you want to learn about me, Kiwi (not my real name haha)! So, I'm in... *counts* 26 fandoms! That's... a lot.. Even I wouldn't do that. Well, I just did, so I would do that. My main fandoms are Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, POKEMON, and all my anime fandoms. I'm a bird/fruit (the native Kiki-Becky) and I'm a daughter of Janus, and proud 3rd year Slytherin. My languages are, Pig-Latin, Sarcasm, English, Emoji, Fangirl, little bit of Spanish and Korean. That's too many. *flips hair* I guess you could say I'm talented. *wink* I love to read, write (writing a Harry Potter fanfiction rn c;) watch TV, play video games (Minecraft anyone?), play softball, snowboard, fangirl, and I play the Tenor Saxophone in band. My friend invited me to join her blog, and I love books, so why not post on a place forcing people to read amazing books?
or Kiki-Becky
I don't really care.

10 Facts About Jorina

1. I’m a Gryffindor
2. I’m the daughter of Athena/Apollo
3. I’m going to 2 Wizarding Worlds of Harry Potter in the summer (stay tuned for posts about that)
4. I play 7 different instruments
5. I’m involved in 12 different sports
6. I’m very indecisive (see #2)
7. I have been to every Disneyland in the world
8. I belong to a lot of different fandoms, including Harry Potter (The cursed child July 31st), PJO   (The hidden oracle May 3rd), PLL, the Phandom+ other YouTube ones, Divergent, The Selection (The Crown May 3rd) there’s more, but I can’t seem to remember right now. (Plus now you know where I’ll be on May 3rd J)
9.  My tumblr user is thefandomllama and my 2nd Instagram (not personal) is @jorinavslife, please go like the 2nd most recent pic to help me get fandom merch!
10. Last but not least, I love junk food, candy, and basically all food in general.

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