Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Half Bad by Sally Green

Hi Readers! 

Today's review was actually written for a school project. Here it is!

This book sucked me in from the beginning, I couldn’t put it down! Half Bad is about a young witch (he's male, but in this book the magical people are all called witches), Nathan who lives in modern day England. 

The Magical community is divided into 2 sections, the Whites and the Blacks. White witches are good, Black witches are evil. Nathan is half white and half black. The white witches do not trust him, and he’s never met a black witch. 

What makes matters worse is that Nathan’s father is the most dangerous black witch in their community. Nathan has to survive this brutal community, where he is the only half white, half black (called a half code). 

People who liked Harry Potter should read this book. While it’s not as good as Harry Potter, it’s definitely close! There’s magic, conflict, a little bit of romance, and so much more. I rate this book 4 out of 5 bookish badges, it’s a must read for fantasy lovers!

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